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New Pioneer Mixer: the DJM-750MK2!

We're proud to announce that Pioneer have just launched the successor to the popular DJM-750, the band-new DJM-750MK2. This mid-segment mixer has all the features of a fully-fledged DJ mixer and more!


4-channel mixer with comprehensive effects section

The Pioneer DJM-750MK2 has four fully-digital channels that can be controlled via the line or phono connections. Each channel has its own 3-band EQ and isolator section, and can be used in combination with the sound colour FX filters (Dub Echo, Sweep, Noise or Filter) as well as eleven options from the existing Beat FX effects section. A new feature in the Beat FX effects is the frequency selection option, which makes it possible to have an effect only impact the high, mid or tow tones. This mixer has a discrete send/return section that offers the possibility to connect external FX units so you can work with FX apps, synthesizers and samplers on an iOS device that supports Intern-App Audio.

Powerful interface

Under the bonnet of this DJM-750MK2, you'll find a built-in digital 64-bit signal processor and powerful 32-bit A/D and D/A converters. For your convenience, you can use the DJM-750MK2 as an audio interface with your computer, and it's even compatible with Timecode technology. It comes complete with a software license for Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS, so as soon as you receive your Timecode vinyl and the necessary players, you'll be ready to go!


The Pioneer DJM-750MK2 is expected to hit the shelves around the end of September. For more information about delivery times and pricing, keep an eye on the product page!

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