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New Pioneer PLX-500 Turntables and DM-40-W Monitor Speakers

The professional PLX-1000 by Pioneer is a turntable that club DJs love to use. Now, Pioneer is introducing two new versions for home use, the PLX-500-K and the PLX-500-W. With just a line input and a USB input, it's easy to use these new turntables with Rekordbox to digitise your vinyl collection and set up a DVS system. The only other thing you'll have to decide is which colour you'd like, black or white.


It's clear to see that the PLX-500, both the black and white versions, have been inspired by the professional PLX-1000. As such, these direct-drive turntables come complete with a slipmat, a cartridge with stylus and a dust cover. Incidentally, the dust cover has two special feet on the bottom so that you can display the artwork of the record you are playing. Naturally, the PLX-500 turntables have the sort of robust design and top-quality sound you'd expect from Pioneer.

Matching monitors

If you opt for the white PLX-500, wouldn't it be great to have a matching set of monitor speakers? Pioneer certainly thought so, which is why they're also introducing the DM-40-W, a white version of the DM-40 active desktop monitors. Both models feature a front-loaded bass reflex system, have soft dome tweeters with round diffusers for true 3D sound, and RCA and AUX connectors. These monitors really are a perfect match for the PLX-500 turntables.

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