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New Road Ready Cases for Pioneer XDJ-700 Announced

Road Ready has announced a number of new cases, specially designed for the Pioneer XDJ-700 tabletop media player and accessories. Would you like to keep your valuable DJ equipment safe with a rugged flight case? Check out the Road Ready RRXDJ700, RRVXDJ700, RRXDJ70012 and RRXDJ700JM350!

Road Ready flight cases for Pioneer XDJ-700

With four new flight cases, Road Ready makes it possible for DJs to safely transport their XDJ-700 media players. Basically, there are two different models, each available in two slightly different editions, but all four cases share the following specifications:

  • each case is made to size for one or more Pioneer XDJ-700 media players
  • each case is made of durable wood and features metal reinforcements
  • each case has a foam rubber interior
  • each case offers extra room for accessories such as cables and USB sticks
  • each case is fitted with butterfly latches

The smaller cases have room for a single XDJ-700, while the larger models can accommodate two media players plus a 12" mixer. For more specific information, check out the relevant product pages!

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