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New Robben Ford Tone Capsule for Roland Blues Cube

Roland have captured the sound of jazz-blues-fusion guitarist Robben Ford in a new Tone Capsule for the Roland Blues Cube guitar amplifier. There's no need to take our word for it though, or even Roland's word for that matter. Robben Ford himself had the following to say: "I've been playing through tube amplifiers all my life. So how close we got to that sound, you know, to me is quite phenomenal. To think that Roland has come up with something that is as convincing as this is pretty impressive."

Extensively tested

Roland asked Robben Ford to personally test and tweak the Tone Capsule, which he did live in concert using a Blues Cube amp and his 1960 Telecaster and Les Paul® guitars. Lots of time was spent perfecting the attack and tone balance during development of the Tone Capsule that can be used in the Blues Cube Artist, the Blues Cube Artist 212, the Blues Cube Stage and the Blues Cube Tour amplifier models. Now, creamy, bluesy lead sounds are available to everyone thanks to the Robben Ford Tone Capsule. Care was taken to ensure that the clean channel responds to overdrive pedals exactly as Robben prefers too. "The clarity is kind of the salient issue for me in any case. I like to hear just a straight sound, a very true sound, and this is incredibly close to how I want to hear the guitar." he said. You may not be able to follow Robben's dynamic, expressive style completely, but the Robben Ford Tone Capsule will get you a little bit closer to his sound.

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