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New: SlapKlatz Pro Box Damper Pads

We were already familiar with the SlapKlatz damper pads - handy gel pads that reduce the sustain of your drum kit. Now, they introduce the Pro Box, a set of ten pads in various diameters. These are great for fine-tuning the sound of your kit.

For a complete drum kit

The Pro Box can be used for a complete drum kit. Inside this little plastic box are two soft-gel pads that are 4 cm in diameter, two that are 3 cm, and six that are 2 cm in diameter. You can use them on your entire kit, which means on your drum heads as well as your cymbals. Experiment with different combinations to create different levels of attenuation. They're a handy way to reduce unwanted sustain and overtones. Just like the original version, this Pro Box is available in Clear and Alien Green.

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