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New Tascam TM Microphone Series

Tascam expands on their TM series with the TM-60, TM-180, TM-280, TM-AR1, TM-AG1, and TM-DRUMS microphones. All these products are offered at an attractive price, making them a great alternative to comparable mics in higher price categories.


The affordable TM-60 condenser microphone is powered by a single AA battery and features a cardioid pickup pattern that effectively prevents capturing background noise. It comes complete with a wind shield, desktop mic stand, mic clip, pouch, XLR cable, and thread adapter.


This large-diaphragm condenser microphone is a real all-rounder. It's suitable for all musical instruments (brass ones in particular) as well as vocals. The TM-180 comes with a shock mount, pouch, case, and screw thread adapter.


Tascam offers another type of large-diaphragm condenser microphone in a slightly higher class. It's also suitable for vocals and brass instruments because of its high SPL, but it can be reduced by -10 dB by means of a pad switch. It also features a low-cut filter to dampen unwanted bass frequencies.


The absorbent material of this reflection filter effectively attenuates audio to achieve a clean, pure recording. It comes with a screw thread adapter and can be mounted on any type of stand.


With the TM-AG1, unwanted plosives caused by hard vocal p, f, t, s, and k sounds are a thing of the past. The result is a clean, balanced recording.


Last but not least, Tascam presents the TM-DRUMS microphone set that includes a combination of dynamic and condenser mics for use with a simple drum kit setup. Each mic comes with a separate thread adapter.

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