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New Ultimate DIGI Headphone Bags by UDG

Do your DJ sets, gigs or production jobs require you to travel a lot? Or are you simply one of those people who take their headphones with them wherever they go? In either case, UDG has great news for you! Their popular, stylish Ultimate DIGI headphone bag is now available in ten beautiful new colours. From now on, you'll be able to transport your headphones and accessories in a trendy bag that matches your personal style.

The UDG Ultimate DIGI headphone bag

Decent headphones aren't only valuable, they're vulnerable too, so a durable headphone bag is certainly no unnecessary luxury. Whether you're a DJ on your way to a set, or a producer on your way to the studio, when you arrive on location you need your headphones to be in one piece. UDG's Ultimate DIGI bags make sure that they are. You can store them in a flight case, but as they are equipped with both a handle and a shoulder strap, it's also possible to carry them separately. The DIGI headphone bags' exterior is made of water-repellent Ballistic Nylon, so there's no need to worry if you get caught out in a shower, and features a back pocket where you can keep your mobile phone or your shoulder strap, for instance.

Bring your accessories along

If you're heading out to a gig, chances are you'd like to bring more than just your headphones. UDG has taken that into consideration, and provided you with plenty of room and compartments for additional accessories like your phone, cables, batteries, SD cards, power banks, USB sticks, etc. Not satisfied with issuing a product that's merely incredibly practical, however, UDG has made the Ultimate DIGI headphone bags look great too. With ten fantastic new colours available, we're sure you'll find one that tickles your fancy. Take your pick:

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