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New V-Drum Family Member: the Roland TD-11KV Special Edition

We already know the Roland TD-11K and the slightly more elaborate TD-11KV, but now, Roland has announced a new member in the V-Drum family: the TD-11KV Special Edition. This electronic drum kit basically fills the gap between the TD-11 series and the TD-25K. It's a great kit for gigging, rehearsing and recording.

What's new?

One new feature that's included with the Special Edition kit is an extra crash, which has the same choke option and the natural rocking motion that the other crash has. To make sure there's enough space to mount the cymbal, there's also a larger rack included. Other than that, you'll find this kit uses the same hi-hat as the TD-25KV does, namely the VH-11, which can be used on a regular hi-hat stand. Just like the TD-11KV, the Special Edition kit features mesh heads on both the snare pad and the tom pads. Finally, the bass drum pad has also remained the same.

Familiar Module

At the heart of this kit, you'll once again find the successful TK-11 module, with its clear and intuitive user interface. Thanks to the USB port and MIDI functionality, it's possible to add your own sounds to the already impressive array of preloaded samples. While this kit offers enough quality to hold its own in a studio session, you can also use it for practising thanks to the built-in metronome and coach features.

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