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New: Vexus Megaphones

Vexus megaphones are a new addition to the Bax-shop assortment. Right now, you have a choice of seven different models, ranging from basic budget megaphones to remarkably comprehensive variations with SD cards, USB inputs and Bluetooth.

Affordable megaphones

The MEG020 is an affordable, no-nonsense megaphone with a built-in 20-watt amplifier, which features the familiar siren as well as a recording function - ideal if you want to repeat your announcements. It boasts a range of 546.8 to 765.5 yards (500 to 700 m). The 40-watt edition (the MEG040) extends that range to 1,093.6 yards (1 km), while the MEG045 throws in an MP3 player (for USB sticks) and an SD card, as well as an aux input. Both are equipped with a detachable microphone. The megaphones are powered by means of D batteries.


From the MEG050 and up, all Vexus megaphone models come with a detachable microphone, and are powered by C batteries or a rechargeable battery. The latter - which is included with the MEG065, and available separately for the other megaphones - features a built-in charger and comes with a power cable. The MEG050 is a basic model with a range of 765.5 to 1,093.6 yards (700 - 1,000 m), and the MEG055 has a similar design, but features USB, SD and even Bluetooth functionality. Also available at Bax-shop are the Vexus MEG060 and the Vexus MEG065, which both offer USB/SD, and boast an extra-long range of 1,093.6 to 1,312.3 yards (1 - 1.2 km).

Would you like to find out more about these Vexus megaphones? Check out the product pages!


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