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New Yamaha Keyboard For Musicians With an Oriental Focus

Yamaha presents the PSR-A3000. This 'Oriental' keyboard is based on the A2000, but has an even more powerful sound system, improved sounds and even more adjustable settings. It's a great choice for demanding keyboard players who focus on playing Oriental types of music.

Oriental character

While at its core the PSR-A3000 is reminiscent of the PSR-S970, the large amount of Oriental voices (171 out of a total of 997) and Oriental kits (25) give it a distinctly Asian character. These voices and kits are specifically tailored to Oriental music, which uses special scales that you can't play on a regular keyboard. Well, on the PSR-A3000 you can, and these special voices can even be accessed quickly through the scale buttons on the left side. Underneath those buttons, you'll find a joystick that you can assign various parameters to, ranging from familiar ones such as pitch bend and modulation, to Filter and Style Track Muting.

Accessible keyboard

One of the PSR-A3000's most notable features is the large TFT colour display. This makes it very easy for you to change settings and to monitor what is going on at any given time, as far as voices, chords and accompaniment go. Those accompaniment styles can even be edited with the Style Creator, which also allows you to personalise the on-board drum kits. Furthermore, you can download the free Yamaha Expansion Manager software (for Windows and Mac) to create your own original voices, based on WAV files, for instance. If you simply want to play along to a backing track, or use the multi pad buttons to easily trigger your own sound effects or phrases as you're playing, you can simply put them on a USB stick and plug that into the PSR-A3000.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.


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