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NI Summer of Sound 2017 - Big Discounts!

Native Instruments have one thing on their minds: summer! That's why they're offering some great deals and a big discounts you won't want to miss out on. Are the Komplete Kontrol S-keyboard, Maschine, or Komplete on your wish list? Then read on!

The offer

If you invest in a Komplete Kontrol S-keyboard or a Maschine, then you'll receive a whopping 50% discount on a Komplete 11 upgrade or Komplete 11 Ultimate upgrade! As you probably know, Komplete Kontrol and Maschine products come with Komplete Select included as a download, and for a limited time, you can get the upgrade at only half the price. This offer sets these keyboards and beat machines in the spotlight where they belong!

About the products

For years now, Komplete has been considered the ideal software package of virtual instruments for anyone who is building up a studio. The Komplete Kontrol is a keyboard that, with the exception of all controllers, can be integrated seamlessly with the Kontakt sampler (which is built into Komplete). This makes it possible to see the Kontakt library key switches on the Komplete Kontrol keyboard by means of coloured LED lights that correspond with the colours in the software. Last but not least, NI's Maschine line-up is sure to quicken the heartbeats of beats producers everywhere!

We've made some special bundles just for you:

Native Instruments Maschine Jam + Komplete 11 upgrade Select

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 + Komplete 11U upgrade Select

Native Instruments S49 + Komplete 11 upgrade Select

Native Instruments S61 + Komplete 11U upgrade Select

The offer is only valid until 3rd July, 2017!

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