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No Frills with the aD5 Drum Module by ATV!

Japanese company ATV created a rather special drum module. The aD5 module is universal and will work with pads from all of the most popular e-drum brands. If you're looking for a module without any unnecessary bells and whistles, but excellent acoustic drum sounds, then you should definitely try the aD5.

ATV aD5 drum module

ATV is a young company that hails from Japan. It was founded by the now 86-year-old Ikutaro Kakehashi, who might be familiar to you as the inventor of MIDI technology. What's more, he founded both the Roland Corporation and Ace Electric Industries Inc. We'd say he has quite a bit of experience with developing outstanding products. As we said before, this module has no unnecessary samples that most drummers won't use anyway (so no bells and whistles). Instead, the motto was 'quality over quantity'. As such, this module has five highly realistic acoustic drum kits. Of course, you can also compose your own kit out of the various on-board samples. ATV regularly releases new firmware and upgrades, meaning it will be years before the aD5 will be considered 'outdated'.

The module features two aux inputs for triggers and pads, and a multi trigger input that you can connect 8 triggers to. What's more, you can easily create backups and store them on an SD card. As the ATV aD5 module is geared towards drummers who are looking to upgrade their existing electronic drum kits, compatibility was a top priority. Therefore, the module is compatible with pads and triggers from all of the most popular brands. What's more, that list of compatible brands keeps growing with each firmware update! The chance that you own that one type of pad that doesn't work is getting smaller and smaller.

So, to sum up: If you're looking to upgrade your electronic drum module with one that's easy to work with and offers high-quality sounds, be sure to consider the ATV aD5!

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