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No More Headphone Plug for the iPhone 7?

As many of you know, the iPhone 7 is hitting the shelves on September 16th. Slowly but surely, we're getting an idea of what to expect. This new piece of technology is dust and splash proof, and offers the ability to record 4K video in 30 fps, which is all well and good. The most remarkable update of this new phone is the fact that it does not have a mini jack headphone output any more. Does this mean you're forced to use the included set of standard Lightning earphones? Will you have to buy an adapter if you want to listen to your tunes and charge your iPhone at the same time? Are you dependent on those expensive AirPods Bluetooth headphones? Find out here!

No more mini jack—what now?

We're just as surprised as you about Apple's decision to lose the headphone output in the new iPhone 7. We're all used to our current set of (in-ear) headphones and don't want to compromise audio quality with a standard set of earphones that are usually not up to par.

Can you still use your current earphones? Fortunately, yes!

The iPhone 7 comes with a mini jack adapter which allows you to plug in your headphones or earphones via the Lightning connector. The disadvantage of this is that you won't be able to charge your iPhone 7 at the same time. Apparently an adapter has been presented which will allow this functionality, but it's not cheap. The other option is the expensive Apple AirPods Bluetooth earphones, and although these solve the problem, you have to dig pretty deeply in your wallet to get them.

Inexpensive Bluetooth alternatives

Listening to music while you charge your iPhone is a desirable feature. Here at Bax Music, we offer a range of affordable alternatives to the Apple AirPods; for example, the Jabra, Sony, Marshall, or JBL Bluetooth headphones or earphones! Sony has a series of new, affordable wireless headphones that we'll be adding to our assortment, as well as the new Bluetooth in-ear headphones by JBL. Check out the product pages below for some great options you can order today!

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