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Nord Introduces Stage 3 Series

The brand-new Stage 3 range, consisting of the Compact, HP76 and 88, is the fifth generation of the popular Stage series. As always, Nord has equipped these awesome red stage pianos/keyboards with innovative, modern possibilities and sounds. Read on to find out more!

More memory

If you choose a Stage series keyboard, we're guessing you're a live keyboardist who wants to be able to switch quickly between piano, organ and synthesizer sounds. Naturally, a comfortable keyboard is a must as well. When it comes to updates, compared to the Stage 2 EX that Nord launched two years ago, the Stage 3 series offers double the memory for piano samples (2 GB) and an extra synth sample memory that's 100 MB larger. This was a wise decision by Nord, since keyboardists who perform live need as many top-quality sounds as they can get! Just like always, you can easily replace sounds using the Nord Sound Manager for Mac and PC.

Piano, organ and synthesizer at once

As well as extra memory, the Stage 3 series also offers double the maximum piano polyphony of the Stage 2 series—120 voices as opposed to 60. It also offers new seamless transitions between programs to ensure a truly fluid performance. Toggling between programs and sounds is also easier than ever as all three Stage 3 models are equipped with two crystal-clear OLED displays. What hasn't changed is the clear layout with separate piano, organ, synth, and effects sections. The organs and synths sound better than before thanks to the integration of the Nord A1 synth engine and Nord C2D organ engine. Stacking is no problem either—you can play two pianos, two organs, and two synths all at once, effects included!

Three models

With 73 keys, the Stage 3 Compact is the smallest model of the series. It features a semi-weighted waterfall keyboard which makes it particularly suitable for fast organ and synth parts. If you prefer a stage piano that plays like a proper piano, then the Stage 3 88 is a better option. It boasts a keyboard with 88 fully-weighted hammer action keys. It may have an extra octave but it weighs 19 kilograms, making it less practical for live musicians on tour. That's where the 76-note Hammer Action Portable comes in, known affectionately as the Stage 3 HP76, which weighs 7 kilograms less!

With the Stage 3 series, Clavia Nord has raised the bar when it comes to stage pianos/keyboards for live musicians who demand great quality, playing comfort, and flexibility.

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