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Novation Circuit Sample Playback

The Novation Circuit is a compact but comprehensive groove box. It's nice and portable, yet still loaded with features to create complete music productions. Now, Novation has come up with something new for this product: Sample Playback!

Sample Import component

How does it work? You can gain access to Circuit components on the Novation website, including 'Sample Import'. Once you've followed the instructions, you can get started with Sample Playback and take advantage of a whole minute's worth of sample memory. You can load up to 64 samples of anything you want - drums, audio effects, chord samples - it's almost as if you're jamming on those old Akai MPCs again!

Even more components

But wait, there's more! There’s the Editor for full operation of the built-in synthesizer and Librarian which enables you to save sessions in the cloud. For these functions and others, you'll need the latest Firmware, which you can find here.

In short, the Sample Playback makes the Novation Circuit an even better product than it already was! What are you waiting for?

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