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Novation Circuit: What Is It Exactly?

Is it a controller? Is it a synthesizer? Is it a drum machine? No, it's the Novation Circuit! This new groovebox looks a lot like Novation's studio controllers, such as the Launchpad, but it's much more than that...

Classic meets modern

Many home producers have become accustomed to the compact grid controllers that connect to a PC or Mac, and function together with DAWs like Ableton Live. Novation has approached the familiar concept from a more old-school perspective: the Circuit features built-in synthesizer patches (based on Novation's Nova synth), drum sounds and effects. This clever device also has its own sequencer, room for 32 tunes (of 128 steps), a built-in speaker, line outputs, MIDI connectors and, of course, a USB port for easy control of your DAW. The Novation Circuit is powered by means of a power supply unit or six AA batteries.

A versatile groovebox

The great thing about the remarkably autonomous Circuit, is that you can basically use it anywhere you want. When you're on the go (at the airport, on the back seat of a car, or on your holidays, for instance), you can power it with batteries. When you're working at your (studio) desk, kitchen table or on your couch in the comfort of your own home, simply plug it into a wall socket using the included PSU. Wherever you are, you'll be ready to record as soon as inspiration hits you! Just take the compact controller from your bag and start programming or playing harmonies, melodies and rhythms, using its multi-colour grid section, which consists of 8 by 4 velocity-sensitive pads. All sounds can be elaborately tweaked, and eight macro encoders allows for quick and effective control.

Develop your ideas at leisure

Have you used your Circuit to collect a number of ideas on the road? Once you get home, connect it to your PC or Mac, and you're able to develop those rough concepts at leisure. Naturally, you can also use the Novation groovebox as a regular studio controller. The Lite version of Ableton Live and 1 GB of Loopmasters sounds have been included to get you started. In addition to two line outputs, this sleek-looking all-rounder has a headphone output and two MIDI connectors (mini jack sockets with included 5-pin DIN MIDI breakout cables). In the box you'll also find a power supply unit, as well as batteries and a USB cable.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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