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Now Available at Bax: Armin van Buuren DJ Headphones!

We had to wait a while, but now the creations of the collaboration between Philips and world renowned DJ Armin van Buuren are finally available at Bax-shop! Of course, we're referring to the Philips A1PRO, A3PRO, and A5PRO professional DJ headphones. These three different models cover the spectrum, offering versatile beginner to top-of-the-line professional DJ headphones. Read on for a comprehensive comparison of the three models!

The ultimate DJ tool

If we focus purely on design, there are a few things that differ between the three models. While the Philips A1PRO is smaller in size (on-ear as opposed to over-ear), all three models look extremely rugged - particularly the A5PRO, thanks to its extra-large, wide drivers. You'll also notice that in the weight of the headphones. When it comes to the ear pieces, the three models are practically the same. Each model is compact, foldable, and has tiltable ear pieces. You'll notice that the headband on the A3PRO and A5PRO models is equipped with extra soft padding, making them even more comfortable for those long listening sessions. All of the headphones are equipped with wonderfully comfortable sound-isolating ear cushions.

Suited for live and studio applications

When it comes to the specs, each of these headphones has a wide frequency range and a closed design to prevent audio leakage. They all come with a detachable coiled cable, the difference being the length of cord provided per model. The cable that comes with the A5PRO, for example, can stretch up to 4.5 metres! The maximum power input per model ranges from 2500 to 3500 mW, depending on the model. All three have removable ear cushions, and the A5PRO comes with 3 extra sets of ear cushions in different sizes. Finally, each model has a low impedance of just 16 ohms, making the headphones suitable for just about any audio device, including smartphones and tablets.

Have we piqued your interest? Then you should check out the product pages linked below for more information about the products and current pricing.

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