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Now Available at Bax-shop: iConnectivity

We are happy to announce that we have added a new brand to our assortment: iConnectivity. iConnectivity's MIDI and audio interfaces were designed by and for musicians - you can clearly tell from their exceptionally practical features. The brand's flagship models are the MIDI4+ and the AUDIO4+, both of which stand out thanks to their Audio passThru options and multiple USB connectors.

Routing audio and MIDI

Let's start by taking a look at the AUDIO4+. Even though it features the familiar basic functionality of single XLR/jack inputs and outputs, this is not your standard run-of-the-mill audio interface. At the back, for instance, you'll find a pair of USB connectors, which are surprisingly practical, as they allow two computers (PC/Mac/iOS) to simultaneously use the interface. By means of the configuration software, you can even adjust the routing of the audio channels.

Thanks to the remarkable Audio passThru feature, it's possible to exchange the tracks in your DAW (up to 4 x 2 channels) directly with the other connected device. This opens up a world of possibilities - you might, for instance, transmit the sound of a unique synth app on your iPad directly to a track on your PC or Mac. MIDI devices are also accessible for both computers. Connect them via the classic MIDI IN/OUT, or use the USB host port (up to 8 MIDI instruments via a powered USB hub).

4 x 2 MIDI ports

Even though it features Audio passThru as well, the MIDI4+ is primarily a MIDI interface, not a sound card. MIDI connectors are the main attractions. The MIDI4+ is equipped with four times MIDI IN/OUT and, like the AUDIO4+, a USB host port. What makes this interface special, however, is a third USB connector, which means no fewer than three devices (PC, Mac or iOS) have simultaneous access to the interface's MIDI ports.

In addition to the MIDI4+, iConnectivity offers the MIDI2+ (a slimmed-down version) and the simple yet practical MIDI1 interface cable (Lightning or 30-pin to MIDI), especially for mobile devices. The mio, meanwhile, is a MIDI to USB cable for PC or Mac.

Check out the product pages if you want to learn more about the iConnectivity products.

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