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Numark Presents the Improved NS6 DJ Controller!

The innovated brand Numark have just released the brand-new NS6II DJ controller, the long-awaited successor to the NS6! It's a 4-channel DJ controller with 2 USB outputs, and two built-in hi-res screens for monitoring important statistics and settings in real time. Want to find out more about this slick DJ controller? Keep reading!

Dual USB outputs for DJ Hand-Off:

This DJ controller makes it possible to connect two laptops at once that are both running Serato DJ (the complete version comes with this product!) With the push of a button, you can toggle between laptops, or have them play simultaneously over four channels. Connecting your laptop is simply a matter of linking the two USB outputs. When it comes to other outputs, this controller also has stereo XLR, Master RCA, and Booth RCA outputs. You can even connect two microphones with jack plugs to it!

Built-in display & standalone 4-channel mixer

You'll find everything the modern DJ could possibly desire on this 4-channel Numark NS6II controller, including velocity-sensitive buttons, 6-inch jog wheels with Smart Learning technology, and a 2-inch, hi-res, full-colour display. On it, you can see the BPM, platter position, remaining time, pitch adjustment and keylock; in other words, everything you need to know to make any event a roaring success without having to look at your laptop! You can even use the NS6II completely without a laptop by means of the RCA inputs on channels 3 and 4. It's an innovative piece of futuristic technology!


If you want to know more about the Numark NS6II controller, go to the product page!

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