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NUX Mini Core Series: Mighty Effects in Mini-Sized Pedals!

With the Mini Core series, NUX introduce six new mini-sized pedals that offer mighty effects. They're attractively priced too, which makes them an excellent choice if you're considering investing in some new gear. Whether you're looking for overdrive and distortion, modulation, or reverb and delay, there's sure to be a pedal among the new series for you. Read on to find out more.

NUX Mini Core Series

Which one is for you?

First up is the NUX Tube Man Overdrive, or if you want something a bit stronger, perhaps the NUX Brownie Distortion with its British overdrive is more up your street. Those looking for modulation effects should take a look at the NUX Monterey Vibe or the versatile NUX Rivulet Chorus. Alternatively, you can an extra dimension to your sound using the NUX Oceanic Reverb or the NUX Konsequent Digi Delay.

For more information including prices and delivery times, take a look at the relevant product pages.

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