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Odyssey Expands on Case Range

With a case by Odyssey, you can be sure your valuable equipment will get to its destination in one piece. The entire range of cases has been expanded to include models specifically made for the Pioneer DDJ-RZX, DDJ-RB and the DDJ-RR controllers. What's more, they've also developed two new rucksack models and a trolley!

Four versions

There are four different flight cases available for the Pioneer DDJ-RB as well as the DDJ-RR, two of which are close-fitting models with a low profile that allows easy access to the controller's connections. One version features chrome-plated hardware and another is completely black. There's also a larger case with an extendible shelf for a laptop, also available in either chrome or black.


For the Pioneer DDJ-RZX, Odyssey offers a custom-made case with a robust exterior that protects your controller from the elements, and a soft foam interior that keeps the controller securely in place. Naturally, this case also offers plenty of room for connecting cables.


Odyssey has good news for DJs and producers who like to take a lot of gear with them when they head to a show. The Remix MK2 series offers space for your controller or mixer, as well as a laptop, tablet, headphones, hard drive, microphone, or other essential accessories. It's available as a standard rucksack, but it also comes in a larger version, and as a trolley.

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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