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Ohana Presents Tasteful Pineapple and Mango Ukuleles

These new ukuleles from Ohana will make you think of summer no matter how cold the winter gets. Their warm sound will whisk you away to the tropical Hawaiian islands whenever you play them.

For connoisseurs

Whether you like pineapples or not, chances are you will like this pineapple-style Ohana PKC-70G ukulele. Its shape offers excellent resonance and a good volume. A solid spruce top combined with a solid mahogany back and sides give this instrument a warm and sparkling sound. Striking features include abalone details, which take the Ohana PKC-70G to the next level.

A fruity feast!

Ohana continues its exotically themed instrument range with the TK-220G. This tenor ukulele is made of solid mango wood! This type of wood produces more punch than mahogany and warmer tones than spruce. The TK-220G is a beautiful addition to any collection, and a great option for anyone looking for a special sound. This model also has beautiful details and a top-quality finish.
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