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Orange Micro Dark: small dog, big mouth, huge teeth

In a world where 'bigger is better', Orange bites back with its new mini-stack: the Micro Dark Head and the PPC 108 black cabinet. Indeed: it's a hybrid tube amp in a handy format and a speaker cabinet that fits in your rucksack. The sound, however, is anything but small.

'You asked for it'

Amplifier-maker Orange has always been headstrong when it comes to building products where the tone is paramount. After the introduction of the Dark Terror and Dual Dark amplifiers, the worldwide response to the sound these amps produced was so positive that Orange decided to add a little brother to the series. But just because it's the youngest and smallest family member doesn't mean that it doesn't have a big bite! How do they justify that? 'Well, you asked for it!'

Orange Micro Dark Head and PPC 108 black cabinet

The Micro Dark amp head has a 12AX7/ECC83 tube which can generate agressive overdrive. Better still: metalheads will be thrilled with it. Thanks to the transistor output, it can be referred to as a hybrid head. With the Shape control, you can adjust the mid-tones just how you want them, while the Volume control speaks for itself. The Micro Dark has a headphone socket with the CabSim function that sounds like a 4x12 cabinet. The effects loop allows you to connect your own pedals and thanks to the speaker output, you can easily connect the matching Orange PPC 108 black cabinet too. The cabinet is ideal for making this little dog bark loudly.

If you want to find out more about this awesome mini-stack, take a look at the product pages.

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