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OS 1.3 Update for Prophet 12 Synthesizer!

The crown jewel among synthesizers, the Prophet 12 by Dave Smith Instruments, has just received an operating system update! OS 1.3 promises a number of long-awaited features that are sure to make a lot of musicians very happy.

The Prophet 12 by Dave Smith Instruments has been known for quite a few years as the 'crème de la crème ' of hybrid synthesizers. This synth is already jam-packed with features and an enormous number of possible sounds, including classic/vintage synth sounds from the '70s and '80s, complex soundscapes with all kinds of characteristics, and a number of fat basses. In short, - the Prophet 12 is a powerhouse for electro/dance and pop music as well as games, TV and film.

Recently, the operating system received a new update to version 1.3, which boasts a number of features fans will be dying to use. Here is a list of the most noteworthy new features:

  • Classic linear FM synthesis:
    This method of creating sounds in pop music became popular after the introduction of the Yamaha DX7 in the 1980s. It's versatile, expressive, and very musical. The dizzying number of parameters may be daunting to beginners, but it also offers a whole new dimension of sound possibilities!
  • Support of up to 16 alternate tunings:
    With this update, you can fine-tune (micro-tune) your keyboard in 16 different ways.
  • MIDI note output for the arpeggiator:
    Now, you can transfermit the notes in your built-in arpeggiator via MIDI and record them using your DAW software, or use them to drive other synths!
  • New modulation destinations:
    You now have more choice when coupling changes (envelope, LFO) to a destination parameter, which means you have even more ways to design sounds!

Find more information on the Dave Smith Instruments website, as well as instructions about how to install update 1.3 on your Prophet 12 synthesizer. If you'd like more information about the Prophet 12, please see the product page below.

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