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Output Presents Movement Plugin

If you're crazy about uplifting grooves, powerful rhythms and effects, and progressive audio editing, then Output has just the plugin for you - Movement, a highly practical rhythm processor.

Software for audio tweakers

In a nutshell: add audio to this plugin on your Mac or PC and let loose with a diverse range of effects to create a unique new sound. This can be done using the LFO, the step sequencer and the side chain as well as a number of effects including filter, compression and delay, all with adjustable parameters. While guitarists can create a similar effect using a tremolo pedal, Movement goes much further. Anyone who produces music like synth pop, EDM, Urban, soundtracks and soundscapes will find a new dimension with Movement.

Take a look at the videos below to see exactly what Movement has to offer. It gives you the ability to create and adjust your own effects and offers more than 300 presets to play around with as well.

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