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PACE Launches iLok 3 USB Dongle for License Manager

PACE is well known for the iLok system, which was developed in an effort to prevent piracy, which is the act of downloading software illegally. In combination with the iLok License Manager, you can register your purchased software (plugins) and store the license on the iLok USB Dongle. If you replace the iLok 2 with this new iLok 3, the 2 immediately becomes obsolete.

Improvements and features

At first glance, it's clear the iLok 3 is more compact than its predecessor the iLok 2. It's also faster and can store more licenses as well (1,500 as opposed to 500). What's more, the metal housing feels sturdy to the touch. The iLok 3 makes the iLok 2 obsolete; in fact, the latter will soon no longer be available. If you're ready to make the switch, you can transfer all the licenses from the iLok 2 to the iLok 3 without any problems.

Safely manage licenses: install anywhere

Not only is it practical to manage all your licenses from one location, it also means you can install your software instruments and plugins wherever you are! If you work in different studios, for example, or travel from location to location, you can take your software with you on the USB iLok 3 Dongle and install it on any system that you have access to. It saves you a lot of hassle and allows you to get to work on your preferred software in no time!

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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