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Paint it Black: the SL-1210GR by Technics

The release of the SL-1200GR wasn't exactly a surprise, but we were keen for it to finally come out! Now, DJs can match their black setup with this Technics turntable. It's also a more affordable version of the brand's legendary SL-1200G.

Continuing the tradition

After the SL-1200 line multiplied earlier this year, it was a matter of time before the 1210 would be reincarnated. The SL-1210GR is finally here! Just like its silver counterpart, it's built with the same attention to detail using top-quality components. This means you still have a quiet coreless direct-drive motor that's driven by two magnetic rotors, ensuring a S/N-ratio of virtually zero. You also have a responsive, sturdy aluminium platter that allows you plenty of room to adjust during your set.

The turntables are expected later this year, so keep an eye on the product pages for more information on delivery times and prices!

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