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Paiste Introduce Color Sound 900 Cymbals

Paiste is introducing Color Sound 900 cymbals in black, red, blue and purple. We already have Paiste's standard 900 models in stock, but we understand that some people appreciate a bit of extra colour in their lives! Now, your drum set can look as colourful as it sounds. The Color Sound 900 series includes (heavy) crashes, (heavy) rides, heavy/Sound Edge hi-hats, splashes and chinas.

Color Sound 900

Paiste originally introduced colour-coated cymbals back in the 1980s in the form of the Colorsound 5. They did this to add a visual element to drum kits as music videos grew ever more popular. The Color Sound 900's beautiful finishes in luminous transparent colours are the result of extensive research and design efforts. This means that they are extremely tough and durable and won't crack, chip or peel no matter how hard you play them.

Influence of the colour-coating

As we've already touched upon, the Color Sound 900 cymbals are based on Paiste's standard 900 series. As such, their shape, function and sound is by and large the same, but because of the colour-coating there are some subtle differences. Not only do they have a slightly drier sound, the sustain is shortened which results in a more focused attack. Apart from that, you can expect the same flexibility and reliability the 900 series cymbals are known for.

Keep an eye on the product page for more information, delivery times, and pricing.