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Pioneer and Native Instruments Help Artists!

We're happy to announce yet another benefit of the recent collaborations between Pioneer and Native Instruments for producing artists in particular. The registration software of both brands - KUVO and RADR - now works together seamlessly so tracks can be registered and sent directly through to artist rights organisations so the artist will receive the royalties they deserve!

At meta-level

The internationally-renowned DJ Richie Hawtin developed RADR so the tracks he played would be sent directly to Twitter. The software uses specific meta key data that belongs to a particular track in order to broadcast it online. This used to only be possible with Traktor Pro by Native Instruments, but as a result of recent collaborations with Pioneer, that functionality is now also linked to KUVO. Basically, that means any registered tracks will also be picked up by the Pioneer platform and sent directly to artist rights organisations like AFEM so the performing artist is sure of getting their royalties. As musicians around the world say: get played, get paid!

Both of these programs are free. KUVO needs to be activated via Rekordbox, and RADR can be downloaded via the website. Check out the video below for a detailed explanation of how it all works.

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