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Pioneer + Dave Smith = Toraiz AS-1 Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer!

Pioneer presents the Toraiz AS-1 Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer that was developed in collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments. The monophonic synth is based on the Prophet 6 and gives you a wide variety of top-quality synth sounds ranging from subtle to over-the-top.

The prophet has arrived

The Toraiz AS-1 synth features a number of intuitive controls that allow you to make subtle and/or dramatic changes so that you can conjure up top-quality analogue synth sounds. It has 2 VCO oscillators, 2 VCF filters and various effects including delay, chorus, phaser and distortion. There's also a 64-step sequencer, an arpeggiator with different sound options, 495 presets and 495 empty preset slots at your disposal. The built-in inputs and outputs make it easy to hook the AS-1 up with your existing synth setup and it also works seamlessly with the Toraiz SP-16. Whether you're an experimental DJ looking for an original setup or a synth enthusiast, Pioneer's Toraiz AS-1 Monophonic Analogue Syntheiszer is perfect for you.

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