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Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Now with Free Pitch ‘n Time

When you're DJing, the tempo of your tracks is one of the most crucial elements. That's why Pioneer is now including Serato's Pitch ‘n Time with every DDJ-SX2 DJ controller. Pitch ‘n Time makes it easy to adjust the pitch and BPM of tracks without affecting the rest of the music.

Ultimate mix

Pioneers's DDJ-SX2 is well known as a DJ controller that's great for mixing tracks, and together with Serato's Pitch ‘n Time, it's even better! By easily adjusting the speed of a track or its pitch, you can create seamless mixes that sound like different tracks were made for each other, and that's something your audience is sure to appreciate.

For new purchases only

Unfortunately, if you already own a DDJ-SX2, you won't be able to take advantage of this offer. It only applies to new DDJ-SX2 DJ controllers purchased from June 2017 onwards. For more information about the DJ controller, please take a look at the relevant product page.

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