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Pioneer introduces the DDJ-SB2

We're off to a great start of the week with good news from Pioneer! The brand introduces the Pioneer DDJ-SB2, which is indeed the successor of the DDJ-SB! This Serato controller looks a lot like its predecessor, yet it has some subtle new features, which we will elaborate upon in this message.

The DDJ-SB is Pioneer's entry-level Serato DJ controller. It is virtually plug and play. Thanks to its sturdy construction, clear layout and versatile features, it has everything you need. At least, that's what Pioneer thought when they introduced the DDJ-SB. As Pioneer is always critical of their own products, they fitted this second version with the following new features.

DDJ-SB2 adjustable trim level per channel

The trim level per channel is a type of gain control - as the levels of tracks often differ, it is often key to adjust the input per channel to prevent distortion.

VU meter per channel

This iteration of the DDJ-SB2 offers VU meters per channel, which - combined with the adjustable trim - allow you to easily attune the levels perfectly to prevent distortion and ensure optimal sound quality (depending on your source files, of course).

4-deck control

Even though the DDJ-SB2 was designed as a 2-deck controller, it also allows you to work with up to four decks simultaneously. The decks on the console allow you to to switch to deck 3 and 4. The included Serato DJ Intro software doesn't support that many decks, but if you upgrade to the full Serato DJ, you can use all four.

Quantized Pad Trans effect

These separate buttons per deck on the DDJ-SB2 allow you to use Quantized Pad Trans effects, which cut off the volume of the deck that's in use to the beat of the music - a very special effect that can be used by creative DJs to make their mix even more unique.

We were told that the new DDJ-SB2 will hit the shelves at the end of September. If you want to be one of the first to own this console, we advise you put in a pre-order today.

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