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Pioneer Is Ready for Battle - August 6th

Last week, Pioneer surprised us with a pair of golden headphones, and this week, it's the people at Pioneer DJ that have something to tease us with. On their YouTube channel, they've published a video that clearly shows the contours of a new product. But what can we expect?

We took a good look at the video and found a few telling features. Let's quickly run through them, shall we?

- Backlit pads
- A quick-moving crossfader
- Browse buttons
- 'Prepare for Battle' slogan
- small navigation controls
- The '909 on super steroids'
- Grounding (GND) for turntables
- Slicer and Sampler buttons
- A built-in effects module with Sound Color FX.

Based on these glimpses, it seems that Pioneer will be launching a battle mixer 'on steroids'. A battle mixer... like Native Instruments' Kontrol Z2 perhaps? Is Pioneer going for an all-out assault in their bid to persuade the faithful Native and Traktor crowd?

The video also mentions a '909 on super steroids', which might ring a bell. If it doesn't, google the DJM-909. It was a dominant and intelligent battle mixer that unfortunately disappeared from the public eye when the popularity of turntables declined. By the sound of it, this might just be a revival of that legendary machine!

Remember this one?

Everything will be revealed this Thursday - that's when Pioneer will unveil their latest product. And when that time comes, Bax-shop will tell you all about it! Until then, speculate away!


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