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Pioneer Launches DJM-450 DJ Mixer

Finally, the long-awaited successor to the DJM-350 is here. This compact DJ mixer can go between two XDJ-700 players and proves that you don't need a massive DJ set to make smooth mix transitions. The DJM-450 is a compact 2-channel DJ mixer that offers a comprehensive built-in effects module. In combination with the functions of the XDJ-700, PLX-1000 or any other player you want to use, you can really let your creative juices flow!

Inspired by the DJM-350

The new DJM-450 is clearly inspired by its predecessor, the DJM-350. Its compact 2-channel character makes it small in size, but huge in possibilities. Thanks to the addition of features found on more comprehensive Pioneers mixers, you'll be able to make the step up from the DJM-450 to higher-level Pioneer products more easily.

Sound-enhancing functionality

For the average DJ these days, simply mixing two tracks together just won't cut it any more. The sound needs to be totally unique and this DJM-450 mixer can help you. In the mixer section for instance, there are Sound Color FX rotaries that filter the high and low frequencies out of your signal. On the left, there's a section with easily-assignable effects that have been borrowed from top-of-the-line mixers including Dub Echo, Sweep, Noise and Filter. On the right, you'll find a comprehensive effects module that offers delay, flanger, reverb and roll. These effects are assignable per channel as well as on the crossfader, the mic, an auxiliary device like an MP3 player or laptop, and of course, the master. Finally, use the tap function to synchronise the beats perfectly.

Mixer section

The mixer section of the DJM-450 is straightforward and features a gain (trim), a 3-band EQ and integrated LED VU meters for each channel. It also includes an integrated master LED VU meter and a Clip indicator for when the signal is in danger of distorting. The supple 40mm faders and special Magvel crossfader are perfect for mixing your tracks in and out. It also offers loads of adjustable curves and even the possibility to completely invert the track!

Built-in USB audio interface

Pioneer's DJM-450 has a built-in audio interface, which means it can be connected directly to a laptop or computer. In theory, you can hook your Rekordbox DJ direct to the mixer and you won't need any analogue cables between your players and your mixer. If you want to create a standalone DJ set, you won't need a laptop at all. This device features a wide array of connection options so any DJ can have an arsenal of possibilities in a compact setup. For more information about this entry-level mixer, check out the product pages!

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