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Pioneer Lifts a Tip of the Veil with #NXS2

NAMM is just around the corner! It's almost time for the yearly show in Anaheim, California, where manufacturers of music, DJ, studio and lighting equipment reveal their latest products to the public. All the more reason for DJs worldwide to keep a close eye on Pioneer! In the last couple of years, the brand was always good for a couple of new product introductions around this time of year. In fact, as you might have already heard, they have already announced they'll be coming up with something new. With #NXS2, Pioneer has set the rumour mill in the DJ community turning - obviously, we're in for a treat.

What is #NXS2?

#NXS2. With these five short characters, Pioneer is already giving away quite a bit. Anyone who knows a little about the Pioneer brand will understand that this future new arrival will dominate the Pioneer product range for a considerable while. 

In-depth product video on YouTube

Interested in seeing an in-depth #NXS2 product video? Towards the end of January, we'll be posting an extensive video report on the secrets of #NXS2, so make sure to check out our YouTube channel.

The official release of #NXS2

Tomorrow, January 12th, Pioneer will officially unveil the secret of #NXS2. If you want to be the first to know about the latest developments, we suggest you keep a close eye on our news section and social media. Let's experience this latest shockwave in DJ land together!


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