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Pioneer Presents DDJ-RZX Controller

Stop the (virtual) presses! Pioneer has an announcement to make! They've just released the powerful DDJ-RZX high-end controller for Rekordbox DJ.

Pioneer DDJ-RZX

As you can see from the image above, the standard layout of platters and a mixer section are a thing of the past. This impressive new controller features three 7-inch colour displays, making it more appealing than ever to stage DJs in particular.

Visual effects

Those colour displays aren't just a gimmick. They're crucial to the intuitive navigation and functionality of this hyper-modern device. As well as traditional DJ work, the DDJ-RZX offers a variety of visual effects for a spectacular live show. Want your music to sound red? Then literally add the colour red to it. Simply put, you can see what you hear, and hear what you see—a golden combination! Experiment by adding videos to your visual effects that react to the music. With the DDJ-RZX, it's all at your fingertips.


Seeing as the DDJ-RZX is a controller, you'll need a computer with software in order to use it. For the visual effects, you can use the new Rekordbox DJ Video Plus Pack, which is an expansion for Rekordbox DJ version 4.2 and higher. When you purchase the DDJ-RZX, you'll receive licenses for Rekordbox DJ, the DVS Plus Pack, and the Video Plus Pack.

In short, if you're a DJ who's visually-inclined, then the Pioneer DDJ-RZX is a dream come true. Combine your music with impressive visuals to finally achieve the perfect vibe on stage! We expect this colourful technological wizardry to hit the shelves at the end of July, 2016.

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