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Pluginz key holders: Hang your keys like a rock star

If you're one those people who are always losing their keys or you know someone else who is, then Pluginz Jack Rack key holders are the solution. By always putting your keys in the same place, you'll always know where to find them. That means no more frantic searching right before you're on your way out of the door. Do yourself (or someone else) a favour and invest in a stylish Jack Rack key holder by Pluginz.

The key to success

Pluginz Jack Rack key holders are modelled on classic guitar amplifier heads, making them ideal for musicians. The Equalizer model is specially made for DJs. Whether you want it for your home, your studio or your rehearsal room, these key holders will always look the part. The Legato, Vintage, Ruckus and Equalizer Jack Rack models were designed by Pluginz themselves. Other models were produced in collaboration with Marshall, Friedman and ENGL. The 1959 SLP, Chequered, Handwired and Standard models are all based on Marshall amps. The BE-100 and the Dirty Shirley are based on Friedman models, while the Invader II is one of ENGL's flagship models. As well as the key holders, it's possible to purchase spare jack plug key rings and even a jack plug with a chain.

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