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Presonus Adds StudioLive 24 III to the Mix

Our patience has finally been rewarded! Presonus have finally introduced their new StudioLive 24 III at Musikmesse 2017 in Frankfurt! This digital mixer fits right in between the existing 16 and 32-channel models. It has many of the same functions as the larger version, but without the large surface area. In any case, you've got 25 faders, 24 channels with XMAX mic preamps, 32 internal channels, and a 7-inch touch screen at your fingertips!

Digital comfort

It's no secret, Presonus knows everything there is to know about digital mixers. That's why they've packed their StudioLive 24 III with plenty of practical features. The enhanced Fat Channel allows you access to all kinds of EQ-ing options and compressors that you apply to every available channel. If the integrated touch screen doesn't cut it for you, you can install the included software on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone to view and edit certain aspects of your mix. Thanks to multi-track recording possibilities and the fact that it comes complete with Studio One Artist DAW software, you can record and edit 32x32 to 55x55 channels. Check out the product pages below to find out everything the StudioLive 24 III has to offer!

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