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PreSonus Audio Interfaces and Mixers Now with Studio Magic Plugin Software Bundle

PreSonus manufactures a wide range of audio hardware and software. From now on, when you buy a new audio interface or mixer, you'll receive a Studio Magic Plugin software bundle for free! The bundle includes the software versions of seven magical hardware units.

Studio Magic

The Studio Magic software consists of seven plugins that integrate seamlessly with PresSonus' popular DAW software Studio One. You get SPL Attacker, Määg Audio EQ2, Lexicon MPX-i, Eventide H910, Eventide Stereo Room, Brainworx bx_opto and Arturia Analog Lab Lite. Each one gives you highly-desirable studio effects that will make your productions sound like they were recorded and mixed in an expensive recording studio.

For current users too!

If you already own one of the relevant products and you've registered it on the PreSonus website, then you're eligible to get the Studio Magic software bundle for free too. The software can be downloaded directly from the PreSonus website.

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