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Presonus Expands Collection with New Speaker and Mixer

As everyone is clambering to get through the doors of this year's NAMM show in Anaheim, Presonus have expanded on their existing collection with a mixer and a full-range speaker. The former is a 16-channel model addition to the third-generation StudioLives series, and the speaker is the newest member of the Ultra Long Throws line.

The next generation

SL mixing tables have been around in the PA world for some time, but Presonus keeps finding ways to make them even better. Recently, they released a third-generation 32-channel version, and now, they present the StudioLive 16 III. It features 17 motorised faders and the same number of XMAX microphone preamps, a clear touch screen, and wireless capability via UC Surface software. Furthermore, it's equipped with everything you need as far as connection options and functions are concerned!

Meant to be

In retrospect, it was inevitable that Presonus would eventually present a 10-inch version, which ended up being the ULT10. Besides the size of the woofer and a more compact housing, it's just like all the other active full-range speakers in the series. That means the Pivot X110 horn can be rotated so you can get a dispersion of 110 x 50 degrees horizontally as well as vertically! And, with an RMS capacity of 650 watts, you can really raise the roof!

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing. Check out our NAMM overview for news on all the latest new products.

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