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Presonus Introduces an 8-Channel Converter

Will the Presonus DigiMax DP88 set a new standard for 8-channel converters? Presonus certainly seems to think so - and with such a high-quality, versatile preamplifier, who could blame them?


The Presonus DP88 DigiMax is a professional addition to any audio interface equipped with optical ADAT connectors (Toslink). The concept is simple: connect up to eight microphones to the XLR inputs or the DB25 input, connect the DP88 to your audio interface via ADAT, and all channels are made available in your DAW. Are you using the Presonus Studio 192? In that case, it's possible to accurately control the high-grade XMAX preamps from Studio One 3 or the UC Surface. If you're working with a different sound card, most functions can be controlled via MIDI.

Studio-grade conversion

In addition to its XLR inputs and DB-25 microphone input, the DP88 features DB-25 connectors for line input and line output, as well as BNC word clock connectors. As such, it offers plenty of options for studio professionals, with audio quality to match - the XMAX preamps guarantee a remarkably musical, transparent sound. Burr-Brown processors take care of 96kHz digital conversion with a wide dynamic range of 118 dB, ensuring that even the most complex sounds are smoothly converted.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery and pricing.

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