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Presonus Introduces AudioBox USB 96 Audio Interface

With the launch of the new AudioBox USB 96, Presonus shows us the latest addition to the AudioBox series. This audio interface offers high-quality audio and flexibility for mobile use.

Recording in 96 kHz and USB-powered

The name says it all—with the AudioBox USB, you can make recordings in 96kHz! That means you've got superb quality audio at your disposal at all times, and thanks to its compact size and light weight, you can literally mix your music wherever you happen to be. What's more, this interface is USB-powered, which means you can charge it by simply plugging it into your computer!

Prestigious software bundle included

In order to accommodate you in every way possible, Presonus have included their popular DAW software Studio One Artist with the AudioBox USB. On its own, this software is suitable for making professional recordings, but you'll also receive the Studio Magic plugin bundle as well which consists of a range of highly-acclaimed effects. Record, mix, and master with impressive results!

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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