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Presonus Introduces FaderPort 8 DAW Controller

While a good mouse and a decent keyboard are sufficient to operate your DAW, it's a lot more practical to invest in a DAW controller. At Presonus, they've come up with the FaderPort 8, the successor to the original FaderPort controller. Optimise your workflow in style!

Your DAW at your fingertips

With the FaderPort 8, you control every single function in your DAW intuitively and quickly. A large number of backlit buttons offer you direct access to the most commonly-used controls. Naturally, you can program your own operations and categorise them into groups under four user buttons. The eight fully-motorised faders on this controller provide you with eight tracks at a time which, in combination with the 57 buttons, means you have access to no fewer than 78 essential functions in your DAW!

Optimised workflow: fast and clear

You can use the FaderPort 8 in any DAW environment thanks to the Mackie Control and HUI protocols. As a result, your workflow is sure to become more efficient and clearer as well, which means your recording and mixing process will also be faster. For the FaderPort 8 to work, you don't need to install any drivers in your operating system. Simply plug it into your PC or Mac and you're ready to go! Studio One Artist is included with the FaderPort 8, but if you already use Studio One as your DAW, you can count on seamless integration and a truly magical experience as far as creative possibilities are concerned. 

Keep an eye on the product page for the latest information on delivery times and prices!

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