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Presonus Presents Notion 6 notation software

Creating musical notation from music remains a challenging and time-consuming endeavour. It is a painstaking yet necessary undertaking, however, if you want your music to be played by others. Fortunately, nowadays, notation software can help to do the job. With Notion 6, Presonus introduces their latest offering.


Notation and sound

Notion 6 enables you to produce beautiful music scores with relative ease. Many articulations are ready and waiting to be inserted quickly using keyboard shortcuts. While old masters like film composer John Williams may be a dab hand at writing music scores with nothing more than a pen, paper and a piano, many of today's producers are using software solutions instead. With a built-in sound engine featuring the London Symphony Orchestra and others, Notion 6 is capable of playing the notes you enter back to you so that you can hear how exactly they sound.

If you want your music to be played by others, creating music scores is the best way to make it happen. And lets face it, seeing your music in notational form is rather special too. Notion 6 can help you do it more quickly and more easily than ever before.

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