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Presonus StudioLive AR22 Expected in Q4!

By the end of the fourth quarter of this year, we're expecting the newest Presonus StudioLive AR22 mixer to hit the shelves! It's a hybrid mixing console with SD(HC) recording functionality that is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

For demanding musicians, audio technicians and producers who want nothing less than top-quality, Presonus has been the go-to brand for excellent, versatile solutions. The StudioLive AR22 appears to follow the same formula. The analogue and digital connection options are numerous and inspiring. It offers multiple microphone channels (with phantom power) and line channels for  XLR and jack signals. Each channel has its own 60mm fader, low-cut filter, mute, pan and solo with prefader functionality. As well as mics, you can also connect Hi-Z instruments to this panel.

Professional analogue mixer & digital recorder

What's truly remarkable about the AR22 is its SD recording functionality. All you need is an SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB and you can make mult-itrack recordings without having to connect your laptop or PC. You can also playback your own media straight from the SD card, or by using one of the RCA inputs or streaming via Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. As we've come to expect from top brand Presonus, StudioLive AR22 comes complete with free software so you can start mixing, editing, and sharing tracks right away. For mixing and recording a performance on stage or in the studio, the Presonus StudioLive AR22 will help you every step of the way!

Check out the product page for a full overview of the technical specifications, detailed information about the product, delivery times and pricing.

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