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Promark's ActiveGrip for Active Drummers

Slippery drumsticks are a thing of the past thanks to the new ActiveGrip by Promark. Thanks to a special layer of lacquer, the grip gets better when the temperature of your hands rises. Handy!

Smooth playing

There are many different ways to get a grip, but the unique thing about the ActiveGrip is that the sticks get stickier when the temperature rises. That means they don't feel rough and won't break the skin on your hands. The layer is just as thin as regular lacquer, so you won't have to worry about it having any kind of negative influence on your technique. You don't need to worry about getting black spots on drums or cymbals either, because the paint won't come off.

Different models

There are eight different sticks with the ActiveGrip lacquer. Three of those models, 7A, 5A and 5B, have Forward Balance weight distribution. That means they are heavier at the tip and are better suited for powerful, fast playing. You also have the 7A, 5A and 5B sticks with Rebound Balance; these are lighter at the tip and suited for playing styles that require dexterity and finesse. Both of types feature a new teardrop tip with a bigger sweet spot that makes the sound of drums and cymbals fuller.

Along with the regular models, there are also two special signature models. The Rich Redmond sticks are size 5B, and they feature oval tips and a short shoulder. The Mike Portnoy sticks are size 5A and are a half an inch longer. The extra length makes them more powerful, which in turn helps the oval tips produce and even fuller sound. You can check out Mike Portnoy jamming with the sticks in the video below.

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