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Propellerhead Reason 8.3

Propellerhead's Reason software is particularly popular for its outstanding all-in-one characteristics. Its neat, well-organised interface saves you a lot of hassle, allowing you to fully focus on the music instead of the technological complexities. Today, Propellerhead issued version 8.3 of Reason.

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Naturally, this new version of the Reason package features a number of practical bug fixes - a software update wouldn't be complete without them. However, Reason 8.3 also boasts some interesting new features, which really make it worth your while.

Reason 8.3: new features

  • The RV7000 reverb module has been improved considerably, and now supports convolution. In a nutshell, that means you're able to apply the characteristics of an existing room to your audio - almost like an acoustic fingerprint - ensuring exceptionally realistic results. A few decades ago, this required an enormous amount of processing power from your computer, but not any longer, so Reason had no reason not to follow suit.
  • The browser that was introduced in version 8 now works from any window, enhancing the general workflow.
  • The new Quick Zoom allows for quick and easy switches from bird's-eye view to close-up and back. In other words, you'll be able to view your work both as an overview and in great detail, hugely benefiting navigation. Compare it to a painter who, every once in a while, takes a few steps back from the canvas to take in the overall effect.

The upgrade

Are you already working with Reason 8.2? In that case, you'll receive an automatic upgrade to version 8.3. Do you own a previous version of Reason 8? Visit the Propellerhead web site to download the upgrade yourself. If you own an older edition of Reason (version 1-7), you'll benefit the most from the Reason 8 upgrade package, and if you own a concise edition of the software (Adapted, Limited, Essentials), you are better off with this upgrade to version 8. Naturally, all these upgrades to version 8 also give you access to the upgrade to Reason 8.3.

With this new edition of Reason - and a little help from the muses - you'll be producing hit songs in no time!


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