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Propellerhead Reason 9.5 Announced!

Reason is one of the most popular types of DAW software on the market today. Studio engineers and producers rejoice, because Propellerhead Software have just announced the release Reason 9.5!

The Reason formula

From day one, Reason have been known to have great integrity. Other DAWs are pretty generic, which means although they're compatible with all kinds of external plugins, they are also somewhat limited when it comes to technical possibilities. Propellerhead Software have enlarged the integration between all virtual instruments and effects (Reason Rack Extensions) and the arranger portion significantly in Reason. This tight, functional visual integration is something many producers greatly appreciate. Of course, the DAW is also inspiring and intuitive, even if you're not into in-depth Rack Extensions programming and routing.

New in version 9.5

Many of the smaller details and bugs have been repaired, just like any other new software edition, but one of the most impressive new features in Reason 9.5 has got to be the VST support! Funnily enough, the Extentions integration we mentioned above is why Propellerhead waited with this release. The brand considers themselves to be instrument builders, and prefer not to be dependent on third parties. As VST has been at the top of many Reason users' wish lists for quite some time, the brand has finally bit the bullet and incorporated it.

Amazing Grace

As is often the case with new software, the developer offers what's known as a grace period. This is a transitional period of time during which you can still purchase Reason version 9, which will then allow you to upgrade to 9.5 as soon as it comes out (by means of an automatic upgrade). Version 9.5 is due to hit the shelves on 29th May 2017, so if you order today, you'll have a grace period of exactly one month.

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