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Protect Your Guitar in the Rugged Mono M80 Guitar Bag

Mono have answered the call of musicians around the world in need of a guitar case for their acoustic steel-strings by unveiling three new soft cases in the ultra-rugged M80 series!

The Mono offers twice as much protection in one gig bag.

For guitarists who like to travel with their acoustic as well as their electric guitar, the Mono M80 Dual fits the bill. Its clever Z-shaped design makes it possible to place or remove either guitar separately. Furthermore, the Headlock Grip ensures both instruments are protected against shocks from the side, which can often result in neck damage if not properly supported. Beneath the surface, lightweight ABS panels provide complete protection of your instruments' fragile components. Rain or shine, the Sharkskin housing will keep your Dreadnought or Archtop safe and dry!

From hybrid to sleek and stylish

ThMono M80 Vertigo gig bag for acoustic steel-string guitar offers professional protection due to the use of design elements that can also be found in military or extreme outdoor equipment. Even the underside of the case looks remarkably like the sole of a rugged hiking boot, and protects your guitar against vertical impact. Finally, for the guitarist who prefers a more lightweight and minimalistic-looking case, Mono introduces the M80 Sleeve. Don't be fooled by its slight appearance, though - this gig bag is also equipped to protect and support your guitar thanks to modern technology! The M80 Sleeve is available in black and Ash.
Keep an eye on the relevant product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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