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Radial Introduces the McBoost Preamp for Dynamic and Ribbon Microphones

It's a common occurrence in the studio or during live performances - you make a recording, but the signal is low, the fader on your console is on max and you're out of headroom. The signal is simply too weak and starts to distort when you try to amplify it with a compressor or gain plugin. Radial comes to the rescue with the McBoost - a microphone preamplifier that will add up to 25 dB to the incoming signal, ideal for consoles or audio interfaces that need a little extra oomph!

Discrete class A circuit

Radial McBoost's J-FET circuit is 100% discrete and contains two transistors that can deliver up to 25 dB of gain on top of the original source. Every transistor is carefully sorted and measured to meet the most strict quality requirements. This ensures there is no sign of noise, colouration or distortion when the signal is amplified. Power the McBoost with a 48V phantom power supply.

Load and hi-pass settings

Using the 3-position load switch, you can adjust the impedance to optimise the signal transfer from the microphone to the McBoost. At the same time, there is also a 3-position switch to adjust the high-pass filter so that low frequencies remain intact and are safe from bass/low resonance. This way, the signal is guaranteed to stay clean and clear.

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